Kris Aquino and Baby James / We Are 1

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    フォーマット:CD 2枚組み 紙ジャケット仕様
    Disc 1:
    Conception Stage
    Pregnancy / Breastfeeding Music
    1. Kris' thoughts on pregnancy & giving birth
    2. "Summer" from four seasons (Vivaldi)
    3. Ode to joy (Beethoven)
    4. Toy Symphony (Mozart)

    Growing Stage
    Zero to 6 months; 6 - 12 months music
    5. Playtime with Kris
    6. Carmen suite
    7. William Tell overture

    8. Bathing time with Kris
    9. Rubber duckie
    10. Maligo na

    11. Eating time with Kris
    12. Kumain na

    13. Nursery rhymes with Kris
    14. Humpty dumpty
    15. Hey diddle diddle
    16. I have two hands
    17. Tong tong tong tong pakitong kitong

    18. Sleeping time / Lullaby with Kris
    19. Brahms' Lullaby
    20. We are 1
    21. Now I lay me down to sleep
    22. Kris' thoughts on the joys of motherhood
    23. Someone's waiting for you - Aiza Seguerra

    Disc 2:
    Basic Baby Lessons
    1. Kris teaches the Alphabet
    2. Alphabet song
    3. Kris teaches the nuerals
    4. Kearn the 1-2-3
    5. Kris teaches shapes and colors
    6. Shapes and colors
    7. Kris teaches days of the week
    8. Days of the week
    9. Kris teaches Parts of the Body
    10. My body is a blessing
    11. Kris teaches about animals
    12. Old McDonald

    Values Formation Stage
    13. Kris shares thoughts about celebrations
    14. Happy Birthday to you
    15. Kris talks about love
    16. I Love You, You Love Me
    17. Kris teaches about Praying
    18. Angel of God
    (Prayer by Zaijan Jaramilla (a.k.a Santino)
    (Prayer song by Rhap Salazar
    19. Kris' inspiritual Reflections
    20. Thank God I found you - Piolo Pascual
    21. Kris' thoughts on Loving and Raising a family
    22. You are the love of my life - Gary Valenciano

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