Thor / Soul Obsessions duet with Thor

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    レーベル:Ivory Music
    1. OBB Intro
    2. Be My Number Two - duet with M.Y.M.P
    3. What About Love - duet with Jay Durias of Southborder
    4. Spend My Life With You - duet with Amber
    5. Whenever You Call - duet with Nina
    6. Suddenly - duet with Jinkiy Vidal of Freestyle
    7. Everytime I Close My Eyes - duet with Natural High
    8. The Girl Is Mine - duet with Luke Mejares
    9. You Don't Know Me - duet with Sofia
    10. I'm Ready - accompanied with Cezar Aguas on guitar
    11. Just One Dance - accompanied with Jerome nunes of violin
    12. Home
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