Jed Madela (ジェッド・マデラ) / Songs Rediscovered vol.1 & 2 collection 2CD

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    レーベル:Universal records
    Disc 1: (Songs Rediscovered vol.1)
    01. Your Song
    02. Beauty And Madness
    03. The Past
    04. Can't Cry Hard Enough
    05. For The First Time
    06. Because Of You
    07. How Can I Fall
    08. Love Always Finds A Way
    09. Home
    10. For You
    11. Changes In My Life
    12. Only Reminds Me Of You
    13. More Than You'll Ever Know
    14. Heaven Knows
    15. Right Next To Me
    16. Time Will Reveal
    17. The Search Is Over

    Disc 2: (Songs Rediscovered vol.2)
    01. To Love Again
    02. I Need You Back
    03. Give Me A Chance
    04. Friend Of Mine
    05. A Friend
    06. Can Find No Reason
    07. A Smile In Your Heart
    08. You
    09. Got To Let You Know
    10. I'll Always Stay In Love This Way
    11. Special Memory
    12. Let The Pain Remain
    13. Can't We Start Over Again
    14. Hold On
    15. Maybe
    16. Everyday

    Jed Madelaが2005年と2010年にリリースしたアルバムを2枚一組にした廉価版です。
    大ヒット曲「The Past」などヒット曲を多数収録。
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